Episode 231: BettySoo

quick heads up. itunes will no be uploading podcasts from 12/21/13-12/27/13. that means that if you get this podcast through an itunes subscription, next week's shows will not be available until sat. 12/28/13. so, if you need to get your "how did i get here?" jones quenched during the christmas week, you'll need to go to howdidigethere.podbean.com and download it directly from the site. sorry for the inconvenience. now, let's get down!

happy holidays everyone! if you're listening when this comes out, i'm sure you're in some sort of holiday freak out. maybe you're traveling. airports are awful nowadays. christmas just makes travel miserable. maybe you're driving. that's a little more calming unless you're in the world's worst holiday traffic. maybe you haven't done all of your shopping like me. i need to finish mine today or i will be paying the price for my procrastination. what's the price? shopping the weekend before christmas. which i can only compare to being repeatedly punched in the face. i'll be out there with all of the other panicking procrastinators. everyone agitated to the max because we're all mad at ourselves. instead of being at home watching the game, or going to see "anchorman 2" with all of your friends, you're standing in the longest line you've ever been in, buying anything for your uncle jim who you never see anyway. shit! you don't even really like him! sorry. anyway, i hope you're ready. 

my guest for episode 231 is talented and entertaining singer/songwriter, bettysoo! i had never met bettysoo, but i've known about her and heard her music for a while, so i was really excited to get to sit down and get to know her. we had a very entertaining conversation about everything, spring, tx, leaving school to follow music, radio music, touring, church, stephen doster, gurf morlix, folks festivals, writing songs, covering songs and much, much more. i hope you enjoy getting to know bettsoo. i sure did. 

ciao! -jg

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