Episode 24: Shwa Losben

hello folks! i am just getting back to normal after my trip to new york last week. it's wednesday and i'm playing tonight through sunday night. i had a good trip to new york. i lost some sleep the last night i was there and it's been hard to catch-up since.  i was hoping to do a few more podcasts than i did. sadly, my interview with joseph king was cancelled because we ran out of time. anyway, i'm back in texas and back to the interviews.

episode 24 features my good friend, shwa. i met shwa around 5 years ago when i was on tour with taylor davis. we met in dewey beach, delaware and ended up making an album together here in austin. shwa came by my hotel and we caught-up and talked about how he got here. shwa is a talented and sweet guy. i hope you enjoy our conversation. ciao! -jg

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