Episode 247: Bobby Landgraf

"i'm an overnight sensation... it was just a really long night."

hello lovers! happy valentine's day. is valentine's day real? it's never been a thing for me. of course, no one ever sends me flowers, chocolates or takes me to a fancy dinner and finally puts in the work for my sex and/or love. so basically, it's just friday to me. i saw erin ivey's record release show last night at the belmont here in austin. what a great show! her new cd/dvd whisper of the moon is an incredible live recording with erin and the tosca string quartet. i recommend it! i'm getting my shit together to head out of town a little later today for some weekend shows with SKYROCKET!. i'm driving alone this weekend, so i'm looking for some good podcasts and maybe and audiobook. 

my guest for episode 247 is the amazingly talented and incredibly cool, bobby landgraf a.k.a. bobby rock! i've known bobby for a long time and always thought the world of him as both a musician and a dude. i was a huge fan of his band, gahdzilla motor company. anyway, bobby's band, honky is always working and now he's joined the band down which is fronted by pantera's phil anselmo. bobby's story is very real and ultimately very triumphant. his humility and focus on his work has really paid off for him. that makes me proud. i hope you enjoy my conversation with bobby. i did.

ciao! -jg

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