Episode 248: Danny Grochow

hello friends! wow. that was one crazy president's day! did you party too? just kidding. i was in an amazing recording session yesterday for a new kimmie rhodes album. i had an amazing time. i talk all about it in the intro. i also, had a great weekend. SKYROCKET! played in houston last weekend. fun shows and i got to spend some time with my family which is always great. this weekend SKYROCKET! goes back to playing some public shows after playing only one public show in 7 weeks. we're playing at hanover's in pflugerville on friday and heading out to the hill country on saturday for a show in fredericksburg. i'll tell you all about it next week. 

my guest for episode 248 is working musician, danny grochow! danny reached out to me a few months ago and told me he had a story to tell. i invited him over and we had a nice chat about his journey as a musician starting out in the punk and metal scene of corpus christi, tx. he's a bass playing sideman for folks like the mother truckers and eric tessmer but also, writes and records his own records. ladies and gentlemen, danny grochow!

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