Episode 249: Dana Falconberry

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i've been getting ready for sxsw. booking a lot of interviews, trying to find some cool parties and generally listening to a lot of the bands i'll be talking to that week. it's just around the corner. i was on the hodgecast this week. i was a panel guest along with my friend, john tole and my new friend, johanna. i go on charlie's show about twice a month. it's always very fun and funny, but this one has some extra grease. the show is normally an hour, but we made this one go for 1:40. if you're a podcast fan and like me, you like when people riff on subjects until the giggles set in, this is the episode for you. here's a link http://www.charliehodgeshow.com/podcast/hodgecast-episode-418-cool-water/

my guest for episode 249 is the amazingly talented and super cool, dana falconberry! i met dana a few months ago at an elliot smith tribute. she was very talented, humble and funny. i picked up her album, leelanau (on vinyl) and absolutely fell in love with it. her voice and her writing are absolutely superb. her lyrics paint a picture that can evoke the deepest feelings of longing and warmth. anyway, we finally got together and had our talk for the show and it was great! dana is a hyper-creative force with a real genuine heart. i hope you enjoy getting to know her. i sure did.

ciao! -jg

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