Episode 26: Paul Renna

hello everyone! i'm leaving to see my family for thanksgiving in a couple of hours. i'm just going through my list of things to do to get me, my girlfriend and our new 13 week old puppy ready to go to houston. i'm curious to see how our puppy, beni, handles the trip. it's going to be brutal if he cries all the way there or always has diarreah on long trips or maybe he'll just sleep and be chilled out all the way there... we'll see. anyway, i hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving what ever you do!

episode 26 features a sweetheart of a guy, paul renna. i had a couple of interviews booked yesterday and both bailed on me. paul had sent an email earlier last week expressing interest in coming on the show. so, i texted him and he came over. so, thank you paul! anyway, paul just released his 3rd solo album, "brothers and sisters". so, we talked about the album, how he got into music, his dallas/austin connection and his journey as a musician and artist. i hope you enjoy our conversation. happy thanksgiving!!!!

ciao! -jg

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