Episode 28: Andrew Shapter - director/photographer

i hear they're banning free toys with fast-food meals. who is taking away the fun of living????? no wonder kids are lame nowadays. is there someone i can write? is it these fucking birkenstock fools? who ever you are, STOP! you are creating a nation of medicated pussy-children!!!! bring back playing outside. please!

hi! how are you? i can't believe it's already december. it's time to make holiday plans (or if you're organized, they're made.), shop (or if you're organized...) and give. speaking of giving... my friend, shane "the rock and roll dentist" matt, just put together a christmas album called, "holiday haam jam". buying the album benefits H.A.A.M. (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), which is austin's extremely unique organization that provides low-cost healthcare for musicians. find out more about H.A.M.M. and BUY the album, "holiday haam jam" by going to http://www.myhaam.org/index.php

my guest for episode 28 is director/photographer, andrew shapter. i've known and known of, andrew for years and years but i've never gotten to sit down and talk to him at length. i am really glad i did. andrew made a beautiful movie called, "before the music dies"  a documentary inspired by a conversation about music with his musician brother just before his untimely passing. it's basically about the death of the "old" music business and what musicians are doing to adapt. it's narrated by forest whitaker and stars, erykah badu, doyle bramhall II, elvis costello, dave matthews, ?uestlove, steve poltz and my liars & saints bandmate, kacy crowley. it's an eye-opening and inspiring film. you should watch it. i hope you enjoy my conversation with andrew, i did. to find out more about andrew, go to http://www.andrewshapter.com/

thank you for listening. ciao! -jg

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