Episode 297: Carry Illinois

hello friends! i am back from beach weekend 2014. it's not easy to come back from the beach after being there with family, living the dream, swimming in the ocean with baby cousins, hanging out on a porch shooting the shit and everything else that comes with a family weekend at a beach house on the beach. also, i completely unplugged from computer/phone/social media etc and i feel great. this episode is brought to you by the soundtrack series podcast. there will be a live recording this saturday, august 9th at the nd at 8pm. find out all about it at www.soundtrackseries.com also, i'll be at strange brew in austin, tx tonight continuing my residency. my guests will be cory glaeser from sheboygan and SKYROCKET! and kurt neumann from the bodeans! the fun starts at 8.

my guest for episode 297 is lizzy lehman from the band, carry illinois! i met lizzy at a show a few weeks ago. i checked out her stuff online and invited her on the show. she's been a solo folk artist for the last few years. she put out a couple of albums here and in portland. now she's got a band. she's taking her folk jams to a rock place with her new band, carry illinois. we have a great conversation about growing up in illinois, leaving for college in portland, finding her musical voice, moving to austin and putting together a band and everything in between. i hope you enjoy getting to know lizzy. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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