Episode 302: The Band of Heathens

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. i've had a good week. i had a great show at strange brew on tuesday. i played songs with lang freeman, kacy crowley, kayce laine and joseph king! i also played some songs by myself. what a great night. we had a good sized crowd. i had a blast. i can't believe there are only three left. if you live in austin, come out this tuesday august 26th at 8 pm. my guests will be artist/musician chris taylor from san antonio and little brave from austin. do it. other than that, i'm just getting myself ready for returning to SKYROCKET! tomorrow. we'll be playing a private event in richmond, tx. we haven't played in like 3 weeks... so, i've been going over songs. practice, practice, practice.

my guest for episode 302 is singer/songwriter/guitar player, ed jurdi from the band of heathens! i've been watching the band of heathens pretty much since they started. they started out as a way for three guys with a weekly residency on the same night to join forces become a group. that was in 2005... by 2014 they've got three live albums in their pocket, 5 studio albums out, they record their shows and sell them immediately after the show, they have guys that work for them, they've gone from guys at a club, trying to make a show happen to full-on touring band in demand that has carved out their audience. ed tells me all about how they did it and much more. plus, we go into the momo's scene and how you don't notice how cool those scenes are until you look back. i hope you enjoy getting to know ed jurdi. i did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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