Episode 31: P. Kellach Waddle

first off, a very happy birthday/happy graduation shout out to my good friend, jake "jakey lee" weiser!  we're all very proud of you!!!!!

hi everyone! i hope you're all doing well. christmas is just around the corner and i am completely unprepared. i mean, i don't have one present finished or bought. i kind of feel like christmas is on my ass. it's making me anxious. last night, i dreamt that my grandmother, my aunt olga and my girlfriend jessi were opening their presents from me and they were just empty boxes and they all cried and called me an asshole. merry christmas!!!!!

i'll be playing a couple of solo shows next week. i haven't played any solo shows in a while and i have 2 next week w/ my friend, joseph king.

WED 21 DEC DEAN'S BAR ::: Houston 316 Main St 9pm

THURS 22 DEC HOTEL VEGAS ::: Austin 1500 E 6th St 9pm

my guest for episode 31 is pulitzer prize nominated composer and bassist for the austin symphony (among many other things), mr. p. kellach waddle. i've known kel for almost 24 years. i've always liked him. he is an extremely interesting character as well as being a tremendous talent, brilliant mind and a sweet southern gentleman. we got together for lunch at austin's south congress cafe' and we got to find out just how kel got here. from his humble beginnings in southern kentucky to the symphony stage and beyond. i really enjoyed my conversation with him and i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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