Episode 326: Matt Giles

hello friends! i hope you're all keeping warm wherever you are. it's freezing here in austin. i have spent the day running around and rebuilding my pedal board. if you're not a guitar player, it probably doesn't sound terribly exciting. if you are a guitar player, you feel my excitement. i have a pedals just strewn around for the last couple of years since i dismantled my last pedal board. anyway, i've got all the stuff now and after i write this, i'm going to get busy putting it together. rock on, bitches!!!!

my guest for episode 326 is the amazing singing, songwriting, guitar player, matt giles! matt has been playing with quite a few people here in austin since the 90's. his most recent project, the drakes, plays every tuesday at the one-2-one bar here in austin, tx. he also is a guitar player for many folks here in town like, amanda pearcy, woodboss, penny jo pullus, the stir and many more. i got to see the drakes a couple of week ago and i loved it. i hope you enjoy getting to know matt giles. i did. let's get down!

ciao! -jg

ciao! -jg

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