Episode 34: 2011: The Year That Was - Many Guests

WOW! 2011, what a year! this strange episode is an overview of 2011 in pop culture (or poop culture). i got to talk to talk to two music critics, Andy Langer (Esquire magazine, d.j. on KGSR 93.3) and Richard Skanse (Lone Star Music Magazine) about the year's best albums. A film critic, Eric Rudolphy (my cousin) about the year's best films. my lovely girlfriend, Jessi Clayton (amazing artist), reflects on the loss of Steve Jobs. two of my aunts and my grandmother look back at 2011.  there is also a round-table discussion at IHOP looking back at 2011 with my good friends, Todd V. Wolfson and Roy Fredricks. i had a great time talking to everyone yesterday but the the show, as an undertaking, was exhausting and dizzying. i hope you enjoy it. i'd like to thank all of my guests for taking the time to talk to me.

also, as 2011 draws to a close, i would like to thank my girlfriend jessi for her total support and helping clean up when a guest is coming over. thanks to jessica who has just come on-board to make this bigger and better. i would like to thank all of the guests that have come to my apartment or met me for breakfast and opened-up and were honest with me about their feelings and who they are and trusted me. mostly, i have to thank you for listening and sharing with your friends and helping us make this grow. i have had an amazing few months getting to spend time with and probe the minds of, people that inspire me. i hope that we can take this podcast to as many people as possible. i hope that the fans of the artists and my fellow musicians draw some sort of insight and inspiration from these conversations as well. i hope you all have an amazing 2012 and THANK YOU for an amazing 2011!

ciao! -jg

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