Episode 346: Amy Cook Returns!

hello friends! i hope you are all doing well and ready for the weekend. i am. SKYROCKET! is back to regular work this week. we're going to houston tomorrow and then lake charles, la on saturday. saturday is supposed to be some crazy mardi gras costume ball, so that should be fun. i hope you guys have enjoyed the three-show-week. we actually got a shout out from KUTX 98.9 here in austin today for our cautiontape show from yesterday. check it out http://kutx.org/austin-music-minute/how-we-shine it's nice to get the recognition.

my guest for episode 346 is the amazingly talented and ultra-cool, amy cook! this is amy's second time on the show. amy just won a black fret grant, she is one of the 10 artists that won $10,000 in the inaugural group of grant recipients. we have a great conversation about everything, recording with robert plant, the magic of david garza, butt implants and much, much more. i love talking to amy, she is one of the coolest people i know. she'll be one of the coolest people you know after you listen to this show. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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