Episode 358: Shivery Shakes / Foster 5

hello friends! i hope you're gearing up for the weekend. america is blanketed in freezing weather. i hope it's not too terrible where you are, just terrible enough to get to stay home for at least a day. austin hasn't seen the sun in 7 days! that sucks. i know there are worse places with less sun and war and famine and things like that, but the missing the sun for 7 days also sucks. okay, just stay warm and remember to listen to "how did i get here?" there are hundreds of episodes to listen to. do it! have a good weekend. i'd like to thank christopher durst and lisa dahl from foster5.org and they talk about this incredible new non-profit helping low-income/at-risk kids with artistic proclivity. check it out!

my guests for episode 358 are pop band, shivery shakes! i came across this band while looking for bands to talk to during sxsw. i heard their music, fell in love and invited them on the show. it turns out, i know william from another band he was in years ago called, zipper. anyway, i invited the guys over to talk about their journey, their dreams, their fears and much, much more. they brought me a vinyl copy of their brilliant new album, three waves and a shake, it's awesome. you should get it. they'll be performing 3 times during sxsw 2015, if you haven't seen or heard them, do yourself a favor. here's a link to their site http://www.shiveryshakes.com/ go. get involved. i hope you enloy getting to know shivery shakes. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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