Episode 37: White Denim (Steve Terebecki & Austin Jenkins)

this one's for Geno...

my guests for episode 37 are, austin and steve from white denim. the guys came by the apartment. i had never met them and they turned out to be really sweet and genuine guys. real musicians that make gorgeous, melodic and complex music.  their newest album, "D" is incredible, they've played all the big british music festivals, they're going out on a west coast tour next week opening for wilco, if you live in austin and want to see them before the tour, they're playing two sets tomorrow, friday, january, 13th 2012 at hotel vegas 1500 e. 6th street austin, tx. i'm glad i got to meet them and sit down and talk. i'm a new fan! i hope you enjoy my conversation with steve and austin. i did.

ciao! -jg

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