Episode 382: LEV

hello friends! i hope you're all safe and dry where ever you are. i'm well. luckily, the floods did not affect my neighborhood. my thoughts and prayers go out to all that were affected by this awful weather we've had. there are a lot of ways to help. here in austin, there are benefits, donations drop-offs and more. if you know of any way that people can help please share it on our "how did i get here?" facebook page  let's spread the word, get involved and help out.

my guest for episode 382 is dallas pop artist, LEV! LEV has a fantastic new e.p. that came out this past tuesday called, fear no evil. the album is avaialble on itunes and at her website. she is playing some release shows this week namely, tomorrow saturday, may 30th here in austin at the empire control room. you can find out all about her and her shows at levthemusic.com. LEV is a really great hang and we have an entertaining conversation about small towns, not fitting in with the nashville mold, men's butts, her songs, how she made fear no evil, playing shows as a pop artist, she plays a dirty jingle she wrote and much, much more! i had a great time getting to know LEV. i'm sure you will too! let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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