Episode 385: Growl

hello friends! i hope your hearts are on the verge of exploding with happiness and joy. i'm well. i've been rehearsing with amy edwards (ep. 371) as i'll be playing guitar with her band at a show at stubb's here in austin on july 3rd. we'll be opening for the bluebonnets and it should be a fun night. i'm having a great time playing electric guitar and rocking out. i still haven't seen "love and mercy" that brian wilson movie. i think i'll see it tomorrow or thursday.

my guests for episode 385 are indie-garage-pop band, growl! these guys have toured the states a few times, the have many releases on bandcamp and they're a great band. they prove that on their latest release, live at the blue dream which was recorded live by my pal, will from shivery shakes. anyway, we have a great conversation about being r.t.f. majors, classic indie-rock, girls, recording, day jobs, touring and much, much more. if you live in austin you can see them THIS thursday, june 11th 7pm at beats delicious presents: growl in a gallery i'd like to thank the fine folks at beats delicious for hooking me up with this amazing band. i hope you enjoy getting to know growl. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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