Episode 389: Bantam Foxes / Suzanne Monroe

hello friends! i hope your summer is shaping up to be the best summer ever. i'm doing well. it's been so humid, i can't stand it. i played a couple of outdoor shows last week with skyrocket and it was gross. i think i sweated about a gallon. i got to go to the solstice festival on saturday. that was a lot of fun. sadly, it got rained out late in the afternoon, but while it was happening, it was a blast. those guys have a great thing going on. 

my guests for episode 389 are new orleans rock trio, bantam foxes! these guys stopped by one morning a couple of weeks ago on their way back home. they're a great band and fantastic dudes. you can find their music and tour schedule and more at bantamfoxes.com we had breakfast tacos and a fun and informative conversation about loyola university, music business school, making music in new orleans, day jobs, twins, analogies galore, staying in the black on the road, hick versions of bowie and arctic monkeys, releasing singles and much, much more! i hope you enjoy getting to know them as much i as i did. plus, suzanne monroe stopes by to talk about her new album, face to the mirror, and her release show next tuesday, june 30th here in austin. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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