Episode 391: Ali Holder

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you getting ready for the 4th of july by eating as many hot dogs and as much apple pie as you can without dying. also, fireworks. i am coming to you from my apartment whee i am frantically trying to prepare for tonight's taping of "cooking/drinking with johnny & a.j.", the cooking webseries that i co-host with a.j. vallejo. it's a good time, but i've been out of town for a few days playing shows and my place is a mess. i have to get it cleaned up before i mess it up again cooking with aj and the yanez sisters... check the "how did i get here?" facebook page for photos and an update when the show comes out. in fact go to  how did i get here on facebook and "like" it if you haven't. there's all kinds of stuff on there. get involved then let's get down!

my guest for episode 391 is singer/songwriter, ali holder! ali came over a while back and we got to have an incredible conversation about her journey both personally and musically from small town texas to becoming a real musical force here in the austin scene. she is currently in oxford, mississippi recodring the follow-up to her brilliant, debut album, in preparation for saturn's return. the new album is due out this september. you can find out all about ali and her music at aliholder.com i want to thank ali for being so candid during our conversation. i know it made her a bit uneasy, but that's what makes her so cool. i hope enjoy getting to know ali. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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