Episode 4: Dony Wynn - drummer for Robert Palmer, Robert Plant and many more

welcome to episode 4. in the last four decades dony wynn has played drums with robert palmer, dr. john, brooks & dunn and many, many more. he is an extremely inspired and colorful person with a very rich history in this business. i have been friends with dony for years and i've always wanted to get to sit down and hear just how he got here. well, i got to! from "growing up" in the extremely fertile new orleans music scene to moving to los angeles with bobby kimball (toto) and getting fired by larry graham which lead to a chance meeting with robert palmer, the artist with whom he would forge a musical and personal relationship that would last from 1979's "bad case of loving you" until robert's untimely death in 2003. we talked for an hour and a half!

if you'd like to learn more about dony, just go to www.donywynn.com

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