Episode 404: Girl Pilot

hello friends! i hope you're managing out there in this insane heat. maybe you're in a body of water or just inside with the air conditioning running. either way, i hope you're staying cool. i'm writing this the day before it comes out and i'm about to go play a show outside... ick. i'm thinking about playing shows like this in my bathing suit. is that unprofessional? 104 degrees is too hot. i'm going to stop by target and get myself a fan. if you;re in houston tonight, friday august 14th skyrocket will be playing at the house of blues bronze peacock room. come out and say hi. also, if you;re in austin tomorrow, saturday 8/15 skyrocket is doing an extremely rare show at the hole in the wall. i'm sure there will be a low cover. come out and see us where we started out. 

my guests for episode 404 are austin's own, girl pilot! you might know their leader, sahara smith. she put out an album a few years ago called myth of the heart that was executive produced by t-bone burnett and she ended up making appearances on tv shows including david letterman. anyway, after that experience, sahara went back to the drawing board and realized she wanted a band and that band is girl pilot. so i met lauren mike and sahara from the band at the werd company podcast studio and we had a fantastic conversation about where they've been and where they're headed. i hope you enjoy getting to know girl pilot. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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