Episode 423: Ashley Monical Returns!

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you enjoying columbus day. maybe you're off and you're taking a walk in the nice weather or out driving around meeting people and telling them about the fabulous podcast you've been listening to. my birthday is wednesday and i'm trying to get my head around getting older. aging. it's becoming a reality. in just a few years i'm going to be 50 years old. nobody wants to be 50. am i right? i mean, 40 was a big pill to swallow, but it's not so rough. you'll still get, "wow! i thought you were in your early 30's.". not anymore, man. i don't get that at all really. anyway, not sure what my plans are, but i'm sure you'll hear about it later in the week.

my guest for episode 423 is talented, angelic singer/songwriter, ashley monical! ashley returns to the show as she prepares for the release of her new album, facing the shadow which comes out this friday 10/16. if you live in austin, ashley will be playing a special release show this saturday, 10/17 at the saxon pub at 2 pm where she will perform, facing the shadow from front to back with a full band. if you're not in austin, simply go to ashleymonical.com and find out when she'll be in a town near you. so, ashley came by a few weeks ago and we had a fantastic conversation about extremely friendly fans, sober-dating, trans-glasses, making facing the shadow and much, much more! ashley is a great hang. just listen and find out through our entertaining conversation. let's get down! 

ciao! -jg

ciao! -jg

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