Episode 466: David Messier

hello friends! i hope you're all feeling footloose and fancy free. i'm doing well. i'm just sitting here listening to my first bandmate's new album he made with his wife. it's called, little souvenir and it's really good. their band is called basketcake. they don't play live or anything. they have kids and jobs. they just made an album because they love making music. fortunately, it's available for people to buy and listen to. here's a link to their band camp page basketcake bandcamp page go hear it for yourself!

my guest for episode 466 is producer/singer/songwriter, david messier! you might know david as the owner of same-sky productions, producer and sideman, or as the frontman for the early 2000's boston band, papermoon. he is making his official debut as a solo artist with his album, waiting for eldridge, which comes out this friday, february 26th. he's also having a record release show friday february 26th at the townsend in austin, tx. so, if you're in austin, come out to the townsend on friday, see the show and pick up a copy of waiting for eldridge. if you're not in austin, check out davidmessier.com for all of your david messier needs. i hope you enjoy my conversation with david. i sure did. let's get down! 
ciao! -jg

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