Episode 47: A.J. Vallejo - Vallejo

i made it home safely late wednesday night from my trip to ohio to visit my girlfriend, jessi. we spent valentine's day in cleveland and we went to the rock and roll hall of fame museum. it was cool. i missed some things but i think they go by exhibits. anyway, i saw some cool things that i didn't think i would see in my lifetime... those football pants and knee pads that mick jagger wears in "let's spend the night together". i can't figure out why that would seem like a cool outfit. really cool les paul stuff. jane wiedlin's sg jr. anyway...

my guest for episode 47 is my dear old friend, aj vallejo from the band vallejo. vallejo is about to release their 11th studio album, brother's brew, in april 2012. aj came by the apartment and we talked about how the brothers got started making music, jazz band, moving the band into the garage, getting into trouble with his brothers, staying out of trouble by playing rock and roll, moving to austin, STEAMBOAT, their label marriages and divorces in the 90's, taking their career into their own hands, VMG, making records, having kids and how they got here. ladies and gentlemen, this my friend, aj vallejo.

ciao! -jg

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