Episode 49: The Dead Left - Neal Kassanoff

when i was around 3 years old, i started preschool at place called, esperanza. it was a preschool next to the college my mom was attending. esperanza was run by a nice lady named, virginia and her sweet, music-loving son, william. throughout my life i have run into william so, 40 years later i might still run into him when i am in houston, either when he's playing at the last concert cafe' or in the audience at a carolyn wonderland show or in a random aisle at whole foods. anyway, william's love of music reenforced my mom and my aunt's music loving ethic they instilled in me and i have never forgotten him or our walks in the morning when we sang, "good day sunshine" by the beatles. thank you william.

my guest for episode 49 is the dead left's singer and main songwriter, neal kassanoff. neal is also a preschool music teacher. he has developed a teaching program that has been celebrated and used a lot. he has also has a good career as a "grown-up" people music writer. with his new band, the dead left, neal has finally found his "rock voice" and is out making records, playing gigs and taking names. i ran into him the other night at the hotel vegas and i invited him over for a podcast. he accepted. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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