Episode 5: Electric Touch - Shane Lawlor

hello everyone! thank you so much for listening to "how did i get here?". things seem to be moving smoothly with the itunes link and i think we've overcome some podcast publishing hurdles. (knock on wood) thank you so much for all of your feedback. we got a lot from episode 4.... people actually wished there were TWO MORE PARTS! dony was great! please keep giving us feedback, it's nice to know you're out there.

episode 5 features shane lawlor from electric touch who have been out on "the warped tour" this summer and played lolapalooza, coachella and are about to play the a.c.l. festival next month. the band's island records' release is due out later this year. their single, "don't stop" is already out. you can hear it and find out more about the band here http://www.electrictouch.com/

i was glad that my old friend, shane, could come to the apartment the other day. we had a chance to talk about his early years in nottingham, his time as bill wyman in a rolling stones tribute band, moving to the u.s. with his old band, IV thieves, electric touch, playing festivals and how one of his first songs was about a train. i hope you enjoy it!

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