Episode 510: Jackie Venson

hello friends. i hope this episode finds you all doing well. i'm good. i'm glad that these conventions are over. i thought it was exciting to see the first woman accepting her party's nomination for president. i watched it live. i like what she's saying. i'm really glad these conventions are over. i feel like this campaign has been going on forever. hey! if you want to get away from all things political and you're listening to this show the day it comes out, skyrocket is playing tonight, friday, july 29th at speakeasy here in austin. come out and party with us. 

my guest for episode 510 is musical powerhouse and guitar hero, jackie venson! jackie has a new album, live at strange brew, coming out on september 16th and is heading out on a west coast tour starting next wednesday, august 3rd. go to jackievenson.com to find out if she's coming to a town near you. jackie and i have a great conversation about growing up austin, her time at berklee college of music, making a switch from classical pianist to blues guitarist in 2011, recording her new live album, why she likes short guys and so much more. i had a great time getting to know jackie. i'm sure you will too. let's get down! 
ciao! -jg

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