Episode 52: Ringo Deathstarr - Elliot Frazier

austin is a madhouse! sxsw is in full-swing. the music started yesterday (tuesday) so, i went walking around the affected area looking for new bands thinking that i might just "happen" upon some artist or band that would be life-changing. maybe day 2 will bring me more luck. after i post this interview, i'm going to plot out what i'm going to see and who i'm going to try to interview for the rest of the week. liars & saints plays tomorrow (thurs. 3/15)  at maria's tacos at 1:30 pm for the ruby stardust lounge event. and at 4 pm for the lucy's fried chicken event. if you're in austin for sxsw, come out as the liars & saints shows tomorrow will be my last with the band.

my guest for episode 52 is ringo deathstarr's singer/guitarist, elliot frazier. a few years ago, my cousin emily played me ringo deathstarr... i fell in love! i was happy that elliot was able to stop by last week and spend some time telling me about his experiences in beaumont, how the band started, gazing at shoes, working with frenchy, touring the u.s., europe and japan, being fucking loud, touring with smashing pumpkins earlier this year and....ringo. i was glad we go to sit down and talk. elliot is really cool and his band is amazing. enjoy!

ciao! -jg


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  • Robert George

    It was kinda cool to get lost in your conversation with Elliot when you were talking about guitars and effects. As I’ve only just started to teach myself guitar, most of it was over my head, but cool to hear two people talking about something they love. I was going to feedback before he even mentioned it that I sat in on the drums for a few short gigs with Gringo Starr and was asked to go on tour with them, but unfortunately, had to turn it down because my wife and I were due our first baby and I couldn’t be gone. Like I said in the last feedback, Austin can still be such a small town. Great work Johnny

    peace R

    Mar 29, 2012 at 5:09 am