Episode 53: Dave Madden

it's the friday of sxsw and i am almost completely fried. this one has been exhausting. the walking, the drinking, the loud talking, the cacophony of 5000 bands playing at once in a one-mile radius and i played a couple of shows yesterday. anyway, i have seen some great music and i have seen some absolutely terrible music.... so it's been interesting.

my guest for episode 53 is musician/singer/songwriter, dave madden. i think i first met dave at a music conference in dewey beach, delaware like 7 years ago or something. he was living in new york at the time, but a couple of years after we met, he moved to austin. so, i was online the other day and i came across an article about dave in a magazine where he talked about feeling complacent and wanting to shake up what he does and how he presents it. by this, i mean, he was feeling like people weren't really coming to shows, they were just "shows" at a bar and not an "event" that you don't want to miss. so, what he did was put together an event and put everything he had into a concert that would make people feel like they could not miss it. well, he did it. four times. and it worked. i like dave. our conversation inspired me to look at what i'm doing and start figuring how i can do it better. thank you dave. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg


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  • Robert George

    I love that you and Dave went so deep into this angle of the music business. I have often said that if I could make the same salary that I do now (and I’m not wealthy) but do it playing music would be a dream. So many people that haven’t experienced writing, composing, rehearsing and gigging and NOT making it, don’t have a clue what goes into it and that we do it because we love it. One of the things that is so common in your podcast is that so many of these artists that have “made it” are still working part-time jobs to make ends meet just to play music. That is the passion you and your guest have that I love to hear and keeps me coming back. I love your open and honest conversations and the way you inspire your guest to be the same.

    You keep doing them and I’ll keep listening.

    Thanks so much

    peace R

    Mar 30, 2012 at 6:42 am
  • howdidigethere

    wow!!! thank you so much robert!

    Mar 30, 2012 at 9:02 am