Episode 54: SXSW 1- Cady Coleman, The Boxing Lesson and more

hello everyone!  welcome to sxsw 1. this episode takes place on sunday, march, 11th 2012 at the "here. there. everywhere." party put on by dart music international and harris radio.com. i got to interview astronaut/flautist, cathrine "cady" coleman, who just spent 6 months in the international space station, pedro menendez from the argentinian band, zona tango, paul walcowski from the boxing lesson talks about their latest recording and tour... and party hosts, dave dart and pete harris talk to us about what they do.  i'd like to thank dave dart and pete harris for having me out to their party. these are shorter interviews... a different kind of show. i have part 2 coming on friday with mother falcon, black taxi and more. i can't believe i interviewed an astronaut! seriously. ciao! -jg

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