Episode 56: Billy Harvey

hello everyone! i have had a very interesting week. the last album i put out, "el payaso", has been lost in some legal issues with the label that put it out. the legal issues were internal because of a soured partnership. anyway, the legal issues were worked out and i got the masters back and 600 copies. i am so excited!!!! i loved that album and felt like the timing, label-wise, was terrible. now i have it back. i can sell it at shows. i don't really know what all i will do with it. but the possibilities are very exciting to me. also, i will be playing a solo this sunday at hotel vegas in austin. come and buy one there!!! if you're in austin, here's the info...

johnny goudie solo show - 7pm sunday, april 1st - hotel vegas- 1500 East 6th Street - opening for danny malone

my guest for episode 56 is one of my favorite musicians/funny people, billy harvey. billy moved to l.a. a few years ago and so it was nice to get together and catch-up! i found out he was in town from someone on facebook saying they were going to his show. i got in touch with him and he came by the apartment before his show. i'm glad we got to sit down and catch-up. we talked about being socially awkward, moving around a lot, his first bands, the l.a. hard rock scene, playing guitar and producing several acts including, bob schneider, charlie mars and many more, making a documentary film with the camera on his laptop, working hard as an actor and making two full-length films. you can find billy on facebook and you can see his very entertaining website www.billyharveymusic.com. i'm glad billy got to stop by. i really enjoyed our conversation. i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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