Episode 58: Tee-Double

today's episode is sponsored by: urban squared realty

hello everyone! i hope you're well. i have a couple of announcements to make. first, i'm playing the next three sundays (4/8, 4/15, 4/22) at hotel vegas in austin, texas. i play at 7 pm, danny malone plays at 8. danny is a great singer/songwriter and if you haven't heard him, you should! which leads me to my second announcement... on sunday, april 29th at hotel vegas in austin at 7 pm, instead of playing i'm doing a live recording of "how did i get here?" and my guest will be danny malone!!!!! i might be adding some more folks to the show... we'll see. so, if you like the show and you'll be in austin, please come out and watch a live interview!!!!

my guest for episode 58 is rapper/entrepreneur/producer/songwriter, tee-double. i met tee at a party at sxsw. i listened to his songs and invited him to be on the show. he told me his story about submitting his demos to warner bros. at 9 years old, recording his demos on casios and boomboxes at sears, to getting his songs placed on such highly rated shows as amc's "breaking bad"! he is branching into getting other artists songs placed in movies, television and commercials. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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