Episode 581: The New Bernardo / Grounded in Music Founder, Joe Stallone Stops By!

Hello friends! I hope you're all having a good week. I have been staying with my dogs all week. We have been having a good time. They're getting old but they're still really fun. I had a couple of rehearsals with my new band this week. those were fun. it's always a good time going through songs and seeing if they work with the band and stuff like that. I'll keep you posted on the progress. Grounded in Music founder, Joe Stallone, stopped by a few weeks ago to chat about Grounded in Music's 10 anniversary celebration taking place next Wednesday, April 12th at The Gibson Guitar Showroom. The benefit features music from The Peterson Bros., Suzanna Choffel and is hosted by Kathy Valentine. You can find out more about the event and get tickets at groundedinmusic.net

My guests for episode 581 are Patrick Armstrong and Aaron Long also known as, The New Bernardo! They were joined by their producer and my old friend, Eric Jarvis. We had a chance to catch up on the Sunday of SXSW while they were all in Austin. They have some new music up on their bandcamp page We have a great conversation about Aaron and Eric's musical family, how Aaron and Patrick came together, getting big names to play on their songs, BOCA food truck and much, much more. I hope you enjoy getting tonknow these dudes. I sure did. Let's get down!

ciao! -jg


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