Episode 631: Zeale - Blastfamous USA

Prayers for the victims and families of the Las Vegas shooting.

Austin hip-hop artist, Zeale returns to the show for episode 631! I saw Zeale perform a few weeks ago at the "Rock and Restock" show and was totally blown away. We got to gether a couple of weeks ago and caught up on all things Zeale; his collaboration with electronic sensations, Missio (see them this Saturday, October 7th at Antone's for ACL Festival Nights), his new band, Blastfamous USA, how the racial situation in America has inspired him to make new music that speaks to the tension, hosting parties and much, much more! Find him at zealerapz.com Find Blastfamous USA at BlastfamousUSA.com I had a great time getting to know Zeale. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

ciao! -jg


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