Episode 658: Skye Strickler Returns!

Hello friends! The incredibly talented and always entertaining pop artist, Skye Strickler returns to the show for episode 658! Lat we checked in with Skye back in 2017, he had just released his brilliant e.p. DNA and since then he's been running around the U.S. promoting it. You can find all you need to know about Skye by going to skyestrickler.com. Skye and I caught up before Christmas and had a great conversation about his recent trip to Florida where he performed at a fabulous party, his incredibly strong heart, his latest collaboration borders., co-writing with usicians from around the world, Popstravaganza 2018 and much, much more! I always have a blast hanging out with Skye. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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