Episode 68: What Made Milwaukee Famous - Michael Kincaid

today's show is brought to you by hotel vegas 1500 e. 6th st. austin, tx

i've been stranded at my place without a car for a week. in this episode you'll hear about the most exciting thing that could have happened to me... a rock and roll miracle.

my guest for episode 68 is michael kincaid from what made milwaukee famous. i've been a fan of theirs since i first heard them. i met michael a few years ago. he was in a video for a song i had out. wmmf has a new album coming out this summer called, you can't fall of the floor. i was glad michael was able to stop by and talk to me about his journey from katy, tx to austin, to nashville and back to austin, the origins of wmmf and their experience from making making their own album to playing on austin city limits with franz ferdinand, touring with dr. dog, playing in a lot of bands and ready to bring what made milwaukee famous back to the people. they have some shows coming up so go to, their website to find out more about their schedule, new album status and kickstarter program for a new video. i always like running into michael and talking to him, so i was glad we could do this. (oh! he's on an our live podcast with the coveters episode 15) i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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