Episode 699: Music From The Podcast

Hello friends! Welcome to episode 699 where I get to play D.J. and play some songs that I got turned on to by guests over the last hundred episodes. I also made a Spotify playlist with even more songs from the show. Check it out here, Spotify Playlist. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it. Here's the track listing...

1.) Mobley - "Torch"

2.) Shy Beast - "My Stride"

3.) Cold Fronts - "Stayin' In"

4.) Jane Ellen Bryant - "Take Me As I Am"

5.) Burgess Meredith - "When We Were Born"

6.) Quiet Company - "We Should Go To Counseling"

7.) Mélat - "Worries (Revelation 8:3)"

8.) Gold Casio - "Sinners"

9.) Kydd Jones - "Brand New"

10.) Go Fever - "Go Fever"

11.) Löwin - "Sloop"


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