Episode 700: Live At One-2-One Bar w/ Einar Pedersen, AJ Vallejo, Aaron Blackerby, Sara Houser and Taylor Wilkins

Hello friends! Welcome to episode 700 recorded live at One-2-One Bar in Austin, TX on Sunday, May 20th.  I want to thank everyone who came out and celebrated with us, One-2-One for having us, Curt Ganem for recording the show and running sound, you for listening and my wonderful guests, Einar Pedersen, A.J. Vallejo, Aaron Blackerby (Major Grizz), Sara Houser (Löwin) and Taylor Wilkins (Otis The Destroyer, Otis Wilkins)! We have an insane conversation about Def Leppard, playing shows on mushrooms in the 90's, musical relationships, calling the pay phone backstage at The Ellen Show and much, much more! This is a fun, loose and slightly offensive show. I hope you enjoy it. I sure did. Thank you so much for listening to "How Did I Get Here?". It's been a true blessing in my life to connect with my music community and to bring this show to you guys. Thank you. Let's get down!

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