Episode 73: Danny Malone - Live bootleg recording by: Scott Stevens

hello people! we thought we had lost this recording due to a technical error on our part.  i had such a good time talking to danny and it felt like the audience was really engaged and they really got what we were doing. so, i was bummed when i heard it and it wasn't all there. thank god for my friend, samera who told me that she saw a guy filming the whole thing on his iphone. well, it turns out danny knew who it was and he got us in contact and scott stevens got me the video. i put down the audio. it's recorded like a bootleg and it sounds like a bootleg, but think it makes it even more special. let us know what you think. special thanks to danny malone, jessica jarret and hotel vegas. super special thanks to scott stevens for recording it! i hope you enjoy this episode as much as i do. ciao! -jg

ps. i'll post the video of it to youtube this week! cheers!

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