Episode 75: The Boxing Lesson

hey everyone! it's friday. i'm slowly waking up today. i played a solo show last night at the scoot inn here in austin. i had a great time playing. i feel like i need to spend more time playing my own music. that's my mid-year resolution. it's june 1st. that's the january 1st of the summer. i should be having some people that i ran into at the show last night on the podcast soon. i'm not going to name names yet until they're actually done... i just don't want to jinx myself by speaking too soon. what are you doing this weekend?

my guests for episode 75 are jaylinn davidson and paul waclawsky from the boxing lesson. i talked to paul a little bit on one of the sxsw specials we did, but i saw they were going on a midwest/east coast tour to work their way up to toronto to play a showcase at nxne. do any of you go to that festival? sounds cool. anyway, i was glad that both jaylinn and paul came over because they have great energy together. almost like an old vaudville team that plays kick-ass, rockin', space jams. i really love the boxing lesson and i recommend that you see them while they're on this tour here is the link to their dates http://theboxinglesson.wordpress.com/ i really enjoyed my conversation with them. i hope you do too.

ciao! -jg

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