Episode 788: The American Revival

Hello friends! The American Revival has just dropped their debut album, The Saint And The Sinner (in the intro I say comes out Saturday, but I was wrong. It's out.) and they're my guests for episode 788! The Saint And The Sinner is available now where ever you stream or download your jams. They'll be playing a release show this Saturday at Three Links in Dallas. Go to themericanrevival.net for music, show dates and more! I sat down with Don Denham, Joe Devadanam and my old friend/former bandmate, Ryan Holley and had a great conversation about having dual singer/songwriters in one band, almost breaking up before making The Saint And The Sinner, touring and much more! I hope you enjoy my conversation with these dudes. I sure did. Plus, I was reunited with a former love and I saw "The Dirt". Let's get down!

Ciao! - JG

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