Episode 808: Ariel Abshire

Hello gang! Americana singer/songwriter turned pop artist, Ariel Abshire is my guest for episode 808! Her latest single, a new take on the Carole King classic, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" is available now where ever you stream and download your jams. You can find Ariel at arielabshire.com. We have a great conversation about coming up playing The Broken Spoke as a little kid with Alvin Crow, telling "glory hole" jokes as an American Idol contestant, getting sober, leaving the Americana world and breaking into the pop music world with her single, "Electric Fence" and much more. I had a blast getting to know Ariel. I'm sure you will too. Plus, we say goodbye to Texas music legend, Roky Erickson. Let's get down! 

Ciao! -JG

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