Episode 81: JoDee Purkeypile


hey everyone! i hope you're doing well. winning at life. beating father time at HIS game. plus, i hope you're healthy, happy and a subscriber to our podcast. thank you for listening to it. i am doing much better this week. i have been working on the songs for an e.p. i'm going to make this summer. i played some shows this week. i played a solo show last night and it felt great to get lost in my music. i really felt like i was "in it". not that i don't normally feel that way, just sometimes you fly a little higher. i loved it and i can't wait to do more. it looks like SKYROCKET! is going to be doing some traveling. california, nyc. i'm looking forward to that as well. i'm going to try to book a solo show and some podcasts in nyc for the day i'm there. so, listen up nyc folks... we're gonna get down!

my guest for episode 81 is the incredibly talented, jodee purkeypile. jodee was in a band you might have heard called the alice rose. i have had the good fortune of knowing jodee since he was around 13 and he ran around with my godson who's father owned the club i had a residency at for a lot of the 90's called steamboat. anyway, jodee and i talked about his upbringing in music and around so many musicians, the rise of piGie Hat, transforming into the alice rose, his four-tracking years, solo albums and his kickstarter campaign for his new solo album. it was great to sit down and chat with jodee, it's been a long time. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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