Episode 82: Phranchyze

tomkat! tomkat! where did you go? does anyone have tom cruise's number? i feel like we could talk.

Hello friends! i hope you're doing well. i played all weekend with SKYROCKET!. the shows were fun. we played in houston saturday and i got my car back! very exciting. i saw "rock of ages". it was terrible enough to be very funny just as i had hoped. i tell you my feelings about it in this episode. SKYROCKET! will be playing at the steiner ranch steakhouse here in austin, tx tomorrow for the 4th of july. if you're in austin, come out!

my guest for episode 82 is hip-hop artist, phranchyze. i've been trying to hook-up with phranchyze and do this interview for a couple of months and last week it finally happened. he came by and we talked about how he got started rapping, his "battle" prowess, winning tons of battle competitions, making his first record, mix tapes, beats, his collaborations with folks like zeale and gary clark jr. and touring with snoop dogg. i had a great time talking to phranchyze and i love his music. you can keep up with phranchyze at phranchyze.com

let's get down! - jg

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