Episode 824: Ryan Romana - Press Junkie PR / Patrick Davis Checks In!

Hello friends!  Austin-based publicity firm, Press Junkie PR is turning 10 years old in August and it's founder, Ryan Romana is my guest for episode 824! We have a great conversation about starting out a music fan, moving into college radio, doing publicity for a label, going out on his own and starting Press Junkie PR and much more. Press Junkie's tenth anniversary party takes place Saturday, August 17th at Stubb's in Austin with music from Frederico 7, Vanessa La Bestia, El Dusty and Kelly Hafner. Go to Pressjunkie.com for more info on the event and the company. I had a blast getting to know Ryan and learning about the world of publicity. I'm sure you will too.

Plus, 512 Radio's Patrick Davis stops by to talk about Ovey Fest 2019, an All Star lineup of Donnell Robinson's A.K.A M.C. Overlord's friends playing to celebrate his 50th birthday. He was taken to soon, but his love lives on. Ovey Fest 2019 takes place on Sunday August 4th from 3pm -midnight at Come And Take It Live and benefits The Donnell Robinson Foundation with music from Vallejo and many more. Click HERE for more info. 

Ciao! -JG

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