Episode 835: Empty Nester’s Handbook - Writer/Director David N. Reyes and Co-stars, Laura Frances & Darin Murphy

Hello friends! Happy Labor Day weekend! The movie, Empty Nester's Handbook premiers next week at the Austin Revolution Film Festival and I have it's writer/director, David N. Reyes and co-stars Darin Murphy and Laura Frances on the show for episode 835! The premier is sold out but there are still tickets for the 2nd screening of the movie on Thursday, September 5th. Go to austinrevolution.com for tickets and showtime. We have a great conversation about making Empty Nester's Handbook and it's prequel, My Ranger (See My Ranger HERE), all of the awards the movie is up for, acting, Darin's song, "Wasting Our Time" in the movie, the focus on local music and products and much more! I had a great time getting to know these fine creatives. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

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