Episode 85: The Rocketboys - Brandon Kinder

who's getting down now?

check out this bad-ass clothing store and hair salon in south austin, filin'

i'm feeling a little crazy. i don't think i slept enough last night. i'm running behind. i have to put this interview out, do an interview with john lefler, go let my dogs out, pack, get my friend paul and leave to houston and oklahoma city for a weekend of shows. if you live in houston, come out to the bronze peacock room at the house of blues for SKYROCKET!. i got some good news this morning. i was invited to be on the whiskey brothers podcast tonight in houston before my show. it's a great podcast hosted by three very funny houston comics including my pal, rob mungle. i'll let you know when it happens.

today's show has a different intro. i went to visit my cousin emily at her store, filin'. while i was there, we recorded the intro for this show together. some people posted some questions on facebook. we talk about what girls talk about when they're with their friends and boners. i hope you enjoy it. we have fun being silly together.

my guest for episode 85 is brandon kinder from the rocketboys. i got to see the rocketboys the other night. i was blown away by the band and so after the show, i asked brandon to come by and be on the show. he did. he is a really sweet guy. the music is beautiful. i highly recommend seeing them live. it's a totally amazing experience. brandon is a very nice and humble guy. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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