Episode 88: Hunt Sales (Tin Machine, Iggy Pop, Todd Rundgren and more)

i love rock and roll.

hello friends! have you subscribed to us on itunes? do you "like" our facebook page? well if you haven't or don't, you should!

my guest for episode 88 is the great hunt sales! hunt is a rock and roll treasure. wether he's being the backbone and backbeat of iggy pop's "lust for life", the backbone, backbeat and personality of tin machine (hunt's band with david bowie) or the songwriting & drumming lead singer of his newest band, the hunt sales memorial, he's playing with the kind of passion that moves you. or at least, moves me. my friend bevis (griffin, who's been a guest on this show), texted me saturday about having hunt on the show. i flipped and sad, YES! so, yesterday hunt came over to the apartment and we got to talk. we got to patch-up some weirdness that was lingering between from a record  we worked on over a decade ago and he told me about his journey. from being around his father, soupy's musician friends, playing his first session at 10 years old, todd rundgren at 15, iggy pop and david bowie, working and most of all, staying true to what you do. hunt is an inspiration. he plays from his heart. he always has. check out the videos on our facebook page and you'll see what i mean. this conversation inspired me to no end. thank you, hunt.

ciao, jg

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