Episode 9: Amy Cook

hello everyone! we are so pleased to announce our first LIVE PODCAST!!!! it will take place on monday, october 3rd at 8pm at momo's in austin. my guests will be the coveters. the coveters is an austin "supergroup" that features, suzanna choffel, dan dyer, michael kincaid, wayne sutton, jeff botta and warren hood. they are all very entertaining people, so it should be a fun night. if you're in austin, please come out and check out my conversation with the band. more details will follow. i am about to shower and even though this doesn't air until wednesday, 9/14, i just wanted to let you know that after my shower, i am on my way to play at tito's (yes, the one from the vodka) birthday party. if any of you know me, that's better than playing the president's birthday party. now, on to business....

episode 9 features the talented and ever-so-lovely, amy cook. amy is about to head into a los angeles studio to record the follow-up to her successful and beautiful album, "let the light in" with producer craig street (mechell ndegeocello, norah jones). in episode 9, we talk about growing up in san jose' california, moving to l.a. to follow her dreams, following her muse to marfa and ultimately, austin. where a "stop and chat" with alejandro escovedo turned into an invitation to tour and eventually a strong friendship and mentorship that found escovedo producing her gorgeous album, "let in the light". i hope you enjoy my conversation with amy. i did. ladies and gentlemen, meet my new friend, amy cook! ciao! -jg

p.s. i learned a new word on this podcast. "marfalafel"

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