Episode 90: Slowtrain - Adoniram Lipton

don't pee in the pool!

hello everyone! we're 10 episodes away from episode 100!!! we're going to have a party for episode 100 here in austin and record it. we'll keep you posted. cousin emily stopped by while i was having an argument on the phone with a stranger, arguing about something nasty he said about me on facebook. i probably shouldn't have given him my number, but the good news is, we made up. also, i tell emily all about the pool party i went to on sunday.

my guest for episode 90 is austin treasure, adoniram lipton from the band slowtrain. i met adoniram around ten years ago and i've always liked him and the band. they're about to go back into the studio and make a new album, so i was glad adoniram could stop by the apartment and chat about where the band is at. check it out. i really had a good time chatting with him. i hope you enjoy it too.

ciao! -jg

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